Friday, May 2, 2014

Skin care routine ♥

My skin care hasn't changed THAT much over the years, I do always come back to my Embryolisse which is a staple in my routine but I like to tszuj things up a bit and try new products. I still have a dry, very thin and sensitive skin that need lots of moisture yet good exfoliator to get rid of black heads and dead skin. To try reducing the size of my pores I have been using my Clarisonic Aria (here) as a cleansing tool. It works wonder! My skin has noticeably improved in terms of pores sizing and scars. After the cleansing, I'm currently using the La Roche Posay Effaclar Astrigeant Lotion, it tingles a little bit due to the alcohol in it but I really feel it helps reducing the size of my pores. Then I use my Bioderma Pore Refiner (here). It's a corrective care for enlarged pore - me! - that is supposed to tighten the pores while refining the skin textures. I'm having seen some extraordinary results with this, but my skin definitely looks better so it helps. The fact that I'm using those three products combined  - Clarisonic Aria + LRP Effaclar Astringeant Lotion + Bioderma Pore Refiner - on a daily basis is a major reason why my pores have reduced in size.

On the mask department, I have been obsessed with the Charcoal & Black Sugar by Freeman Feel Beautiful. It's such a great mask/exfoliator. The smell is divine, it's super affordable and it makes my skin super smooth while helping getting rid of my black pores! Such a great product that I highly recommand. Moisture wise,  I'm more than happy with my Embryolisse crème concentré - a must have if you have dry skin - and I have been really loving the La Roche-Posay Nutritic Intense Nutri-Reconstituing Cream too. It's much more on the in-depth moisturizing side and really helps your make-up last longer as well which is always a great bonus! The Avène Soothing moisturizing mask, is my best friend at the moment too. Once a week, I apply it before going to bed and after a thorough face wash and I wake up the next morning with a flawless skin, super moisturized and super smooth! Definitely a savior after a night out or a stressed week!



Cindi said...

That charcoal and black sugar mask makes me think of my HG similar product by Borghese cosmetics, the Fango volcanic mud mask. I would love to see how the Freeman product works for me as it sounds similar.

Unknown said...

J'adore le pore refiner également! J'ai commencé à l'utiliser il y a peu de temps. Avec cette chaleur ici mes pores sont plus visibles... Je l'utilise comme primer avant le makeup. Top!
Bisous Marilou! :-)

cherryblossom said...

Que des produits que j'adore! Bon, j'aime moins la Clarisonic ... Je trouve ce procédé beaucoup trop agressif, mais ta routine est top :D Bises

Harmony Lu said...

Chouette routine!
J'utilise aussi la Clarisonic, et comme beaucoup d'entre nous, je l'adore :D

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