Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Disappointing products #4

Models Own Pink Punch ⎥ Bio Nuxe Comfort Exfoliant with red berries  ⎥ Soap & Glory  Scrub Your Nose In It 

I'm really easy to please (at least I think I am) but from time to time I do find myself really disappointed in some products and because I wish I've read that kind of post before purchasing the product itself, I'm sharing my fourth disappointing products post! 

First of the bunch is the Models Own Pink Punch nail polish. I was so excited to get my hands on this 'oh-so' famous neon so when I saw that the Ice Neon collection was actually carrying the famous shade I just couldn't resist. I was expecting a gorgeous, intense red/pink neon colour and all of the neons I own, this one is the less neon, the less intense, the less gorgeous. You could think when you see it in the bottle that this colour could be a dupe for Models Own Hedonist (one of my favourite neon ever) but it is NOT. It doesn't have that 'wow' factor that my other neons have in my opinion, the opacity is too light and and the neon doesn't come off as Hedonist do. I'm über disappointing in this and it's not worth the hype, they're much more intense/neon nail polishes out there 

Then, second disappointment is the Bio Nuxe Comfort Exfoliant I received from in a little beauty box that'll review soon. Before first starting using it, I had high hopes as the smell was really lovely (due to the red berries) and I was almost sure I would love it. Well, I really didn't. The scrub is so harsh on the skin, it doesn't foam one bit (really not) and it is so uncomfortable to use. It doesn't even scrub my skin, I don't get that 'aaaah my skin feels so soft' after using it. Not a fan. The Bio Nuxe really doesn't appeal me after this bad experience with the scrub, moreover I'm not a fan of brands starting with Bio

And last, although I'm a huge fan of Soap & Glory, I've been really disappointing with the 'Scrub Your Nose In It' scrub. The green texture is so repelling to me (I know it's suppose to be clay and the smell is horrible, way too overpowering and not enjoyable at all. It does scrub, yes but at what price? My skin felt SO sensitive after using it, it's way too harsh for me and it makes my skin super dry (even drier than what it is on a daily basis). I really didn't like this product and wouldn't recommend it. I still love and want to buy Soap & Glory products though because I know that the range has mostly amazing products. 

Have you been disappointed in a product lately? Please do share :)



. said...

I'll deff add them to my not buying list :)

Emma said...

I really like using Scrub My Nose In It as a mask once a week and gently exfoliating while I wash it off, but as a daily wash it is deffo too harsh. I love disappointing products posts, they're such a good insight into whats good and whats not on the market thanks for sharing!


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