Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Balm ⎥Rockstar palette

First row: Metal-ica⎥Iron Maid-in⎥Lead Zeppelin⎥Alice Copper  Second row: Adagio⎥Allegro⎥Moderato⎥Presto
 Third row: Blink 1982⎥The Stroke⎥R.e.m⎥Third Eye Blinded 

Highlighter and blush: Solid Gold⎥Don't You Want Me ? Lips/cheek stain: Milly⎥Vanilly

Ok so, I'm beyond excited to review and swatch this incredible little gem I was really happy to received.  Let me introduce you to The Balm Rockstar face palette also known as Balm Jovi (you got it? Balm Jovi...Bon Jovi...ah!) This palette is the ultimate all over palette needed for weekend with your girlfriends away or a sleepover at your boyf'. It contains 12 eyeshadows, 1 highlighter, 1 blush and 2 cheeks/lips stains. (I only discovered the lip stains later on!) 

The main theme here is, well anything rock related. All the eyeshadows are named after a band or anything to do with music. The highlighter reminds me A LOT of Mary-lou Manizer and the blush looks very similar to the Frat Boy blush too. So if you consider buying the Mary-lou manizer and this blush you might just as well get this palette with the whole nine yards. At the bottom of the palette, two cheek/lip stains are hiding (I honestly didn't discover them until I starting swatching the products!) These two really make this palette super complete. 

Just like all the other The Balm products, the pigmentation is super intense and the eyeshadows/blushes are REALLY powdery (I emphasize on the really). You sure do not need a lot of product to get a pigmented result. I find the eyeshadows a bit hard to apply sometimes but I guess it's a matter of habit. The packaging is over-the-top rockstar-y cute. I love love love the heart shape mirror. Although the palette has numerous of make up gems inside (16 in total) it is still reasonably small and easy to carry around everywhere you go. The only thing I really hate in this palette, is the Metal-ica which is a white shimmery eyeshadow. I mean who wears that?????? yikes. All the other colors are so exquisite and perfect for fall, I can't wait to show you some look with this palette. You can find the Rockstar Palette from The Balm at Di drugstore (belgium) for 39€. 

What do we think ladies? Will you be buying this little gem? 




Unknown said...

I've always wanted this palette. Love the names and love the eyeshadow colors xx

Mademoiselle Lala said...

The palette looks gorgeous! The name, the packaging, the shades, it's all perfection! :) X

. said...

I almost purchased this time that it came on hautelook

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