Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The daily nude lips

L'Oréal Caresse 'Dating Coral' / Bourjois Shine 26 'Beige Démocrachic'
 Catrice 030 'Rose Would You?' / Catrice 090 'Pink Before You Leave' 
1. Bourjois Shine 26 'Beige démocrachic' // 2. L'Oréal Caresse 'Dating Coral'
3. Catrice 'Rose Would You?' // 4. Catrice 'Pink Before You Leave'

I always carry a LOT of lipsticks around with me in my bag. You can never have too many lipsticks in your purse right? I mean Lip glosses, lip balms and lipsticks... I need my options, I can change my mind very easily during the day. I always have tons of nude lipsticks because I'm a nude gal whatever day you're having, if you're in a rush or having or don't know what to wear on your lips, nude is always the safest option (nothing like wearing a bright lipstick and regretting it all day). I have many many favourites nude/coral lipsticks but here's the few I have been obsessed with lately.

The Bourjois Shine 26 'Beige Démocrachic' is the nudest colour of the Shine range. I can't even tell you how obsessed I am with this Shine lipsticks. They give such glowy, healthy looking lips. I pretty much plan on getting all the shades in a near future. This one is not super covering and that's why I love it. It tinted your lips and keep them moisturized. 

The L'Oréal Caresse 'Dating Coral' is not a nude (obviously) but this is my bright back-up lipstick in case I want to spice things up in the middle of the day and have a bit more of a bold lips. I bought this because I find it to be a dupe of Mac Ever Hip (which is my all time favourite coral lipstick). It gives less coverage but the colour is really similar (although not that bright in real life) It's my first L'Oréal lipstick (ever! what?) and I'm really pleased with it although I do find the price a bit 'exagerate' for a drugstore lipstick (14€...I mean, I add 4€ and I can get a Mac lipstick) I would love to try more of their lipstick range soon.

The two other products are lip glosses from Catrice. The first one 'Rose Would You' is a gorgeous nude lipgloss that looks amazing on top on Mac Myth but can also be worn by itself for a more natural look (see pic!). The second one, 'Pink before you leave' is a sheer basic lipgloss. I bought this for the only reason that it looks super pink in the bottle and I didn't expect it to be THAT sheer, it though the colour would transform into a light pink but...I didn't. That's fine, I think that sheer lipgloss looks great too by itself or is perfect on top of any lipstick anyway so I always carry it around with me. 

Which is your favourite nude lipstick on the go?




Honeylushy said...

I carry a lot of lipsticks in my bag too! I always have at least 5, but thats including a gloss and balm. I should do a post too!

Unknown said...

that hot pink one is fabulous!

~demetria marie

Unknown said...

I love that Coral shade it's stunning on you :) I always have sheer glosses in my handbag as well because they're so versatile.

Sarah | More Than Adored

Unknown said...

Oh i like this products ! 'Pink Before You Leave' is very beautiful ♥

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