Monday, October 28, 2013

New from Une

Une Skin Ideal foundation (17,49€) ⎥ Une Pearly Eye Palette (21,50€)⎥ Une Green Pride Volume Mascara (18,50€)

Hello lovelies! I have been a bit missing in action this weekend, I needed to rest and get off the computer for a little while. I've received such an exciting parcel last week with some of the new products from Une. I really love this brand especially their mascara (the Volume by Night and the 3 in 1) so I was keen to receive the new Green Pride Volume. The brush isn't synthetic so I'm really curious to see if it's any good. Then I got the Pearly eye palette with three gorgeous eyeshadows, I will try to create a look with these to show you how they look like. Then finally I got the Skin Ideal Youth Serum foundation with hyaluronic acid (YUM). I have a really dry, dull looking skin so I was really really excited to try this new foundation and, ladies, it is AMAZING. Such a good foundation, I can't wait to write a full on review about this little gem very soon. Hope you all have a gorgeous windy day :)



Unknown said...

I adore the pearly eye packaging!

. said...

Its gorgeous stuff

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