Monday, October 7, 2013

New in ⎥Catrice lipsticks

Princess peach ⎥  Sweet Coraline ⎥ Pinkadilly Circus ⎥ It's a Matt World 

When I spotted the 2 for 5€ mention in Kruidvat the other days for the Catrice lipsticks, I just knew I had to complete my collection and get some new colours. I'm a huge fan of their lipsticks and never managed to get some of their other colours just because the shades were a little bit out of my comfort zone. I never wear/have worn orang-ey lipstick in my life, I just don't think it suits my skin tone and really not feel comfortable at the idea at wearing orange lips in a public place. Since the offer was so appealing I just picked up four new shades (and two oranges in the bunch)! I have to say, I'm really not into the Princess Peach as, as expected, it doesn't suit my skin tone AT ALL. The Sweet Coraline on the other hand has a lot of orange undertones but suits me much better but I'm not sure I will be wearing this a lot. It's still a little too much out of my comfort zone. On the other hand, I'm obsessed with Pinkadilly Circus, which such a gorgeous pink spring-y shade! It's super bright and shiny. And last but not least, my favourite of the bunch, the gorgeous It's a Matt World. Such a gorgeous bright matte red. 

Princess peach ⎥  Sweet Coraline ⎥ Pinkadilly Circus ⎥ It's a Matt World 

Which one is your favourite? Do you like orange lipstick? 




Mademoiselle Lala said...

Sweet Coraline and Pinkadilly Circus are goregous! I know what you mean about orange lipsticks - it took me ages to walk outside the door in MAC's Morange :) X

Nesita said...

I have Pinkadilly Circus and I love it! It's a Matt World is really pretty too. I'm not very fond of orange lipstick, I own one and I don't use it very often.

Unknown said...

They are all beautiful. It's hard to pick a favorite. I love orange shades x

The Beauty and Lifestyle Hunter said...

such a gorgeous colour, but I am a little too conservative for something that bright.

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