Friday, October 18, 2013

Sunny fall day & food fair

Hi girlies! Today started sooooo bad. I can't even tell you how mad I was this morning, nothing was going the way I wanted it to be. I took an hour to find a decent outfit, changed my shoes three times, chipped my nail polish when I was already late, my hair were so flat....ugh... you know those days when nothing is going right! Hopefully my afternoon turned out to be much better, I went to the food fair (oh yeah) with my little sister and my grandma and we ate quite a lot. It was so much fun and I love to spent quality time with my family. Also the weather went from cloudy and quite cold to really sunny and "warm". I love how crappy days can transform into happy days! Anyways, now I need to eat and rest a little bit! Hope you had a great day too 

XO Marilou



Unknown said...

I Love your outfit it looks lovely.


Anonymous said...

Where is your scarf from?? i'm in love with it :D

Marilou said...

Thanks Katie :) x

Marilou said...

Zara from this season, it's still in stores :) x

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