Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monthly favourites ⎥September

Bourjois Erasable eyeliner ⎥ L'Oréal EverPure Shampoo ⎥ Seche Vite top coat 
 Essence I ♥ stage eyeshadow base ⎥ Catrice Pinkadilly Circus ⎥ Givenchy Kiss Kiss 760 

Better late than never! The weather being super gloomy I decided to stay home today I finally write my september favourites post. I used to be doing YT videos about it but in all honesty I'm just a bit tired of doing videos for now, it's way too time consuming and I really miss taking pictures and writing in english. Maybe I'll try and continue to record vlogs as I think they're much more fun to watch. September has literally flown by, we're already mid-october and I'm already over the cold weather haha. I wish the year would stop in september and start in march. 

Anyways, during september I have been ob-sessed with the Bourjois Erasable liner. It's the best liner I have used so far although so texture is very thick and gooey at first, once you get how to apply it correctly it gives the most intense black liner and is very long-lasting. The black doesn't fade (which happens a LOT with eyeliners)  and you can erase any little mistake you've made with the top 'eraser'. I love this eyeliner so much, I've been wearing it non-stop.

In the hair department I have really enjoyed using the L'Oréal Ever Pure Botanical range especially the shampoo. It makes my hair so soft and really shiny. I find it to be super hydrating for the hair. I'm not found of the 'botanical' smell but the results are so great I can get over it for the sake of my hair. 

The next product is already very well known and loved in the blogosphere but I only got my hands on it mid-august and will never look back on any other top coats from now on. The Sèche Vite top coat is the most amazing, perfect top coat I've ever used. I have almost tried them all and trust me, this is the best. It dries the nail polish super quickly and gives an instant long-lasting shine. I don't know if it's a good top coat to make your nail polish last 7 days because I get bored with my nails every two days so I don't have time to see if it's effective but I would suggest you going with gel polish if you're looking for long-lasting nail polish.

Next is the Essence I ♥ stage eyeshadow base. I have been using this every.single.day for about three months (since I got it) and haven't touch any of my other bases. It's so handy to use with the applicator, the colour is a nude beige and it really makes my eyeshadow staying on all day. The fact that it's really wallet friendly is a massive plus too!

And finally in the lip department I have been obsessed with Catrice 'Pinkadilly Circus', a gorgeous everyday pink and the Guerlain Kiss Kiss 760 lip gloss (which I would consider to be more of a lip cream!) Pink makes the boys wink! 




Emma said...

I adore Sheche Vite :)



Mademoiselle Lala said...

I think you've persuaded me to buy that Bourjois eyeliner, although I still cannot do a proper line on my eyes I'll keep trying. ;)


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Super article ma jolie ! Mais dommage que tu n'écris plus en français ... Je t'avoue que j'ai un peu de mal à tout comprendre :-p l'anglais et moi ça fait deux!

rita said...

I really want to try the L'Oreal new line! :) xx

Cindi said...

You are right, the Seche Vite is the best fast drying top coat I've found too. The L'Oreal shampoo sounds wonderful, but I just got some Redken shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair and I need to use it up before I buy anything else.

Unknown said...

Coucou !
désolée ça n'a rien à voir avec cet article et je t'avoue que je savais pas trop où t'écrire d'autres... mais j'avais vu sur ton blog il y a un tit temps de cela que tu avais perdu tes cils etc j'aimerais savoir si tu as subi un traitement ou autre car je trouve que tu as vraiment des cils de biche hihi

Marilou said...

It's the best :)

Marilou said...

Haha, it's a bit 'hard' to apply the first times because of the gooey texture but you can correct with the eraser after so it's ok :)

Marilou said...

Merci :) Oui je saiiis oops j'ai craqué mais cela prenais beaucoup de temps surtout pour des longs articles...#coupable

Marilou said...

It's really good :) x

Marilou said...

I really want to try the Redken range too but I have too many shampoo to finish right now haha x

Marilou said...

Merci :) tu peux toujours m'écrire sur mypreciousnailpolish@gmail.com ou @mypreciousnp twitter :)
Non aucun traitement particulier. J'essaye de les 'hydrater' avec de l'huile de ricin ou de l'huile de coco :) Je les courbe toujours avant de mettre mes mascaras (j'aime en utiliser plusieurs pour un effet vavavoom hihi!)

Anonymous said...

salut, où pourrais-je trouver le sèche vite à bruxelles? Merci

Marilou said...

Je ne suis pas sûre qu'il soit dispo sur bruxelles, tu peux le trouver sur internet assez facilement :-)

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