Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Instalife #16

That's it, we're in October! Oh.my.god. Talk about about how time flies. My favourite month of the year has gone by soooo quickly. Now that October is here it means one thing, Halloween is just around the corner and the lasts days of bearable weather too! Here's a little bit of my Instalife for y'all! Celebrating my birthday, receiving tons of gifts and new stuffs to play with... Life has been treating me well! Today I'm off to enjoy this beautiful weather outside, take pictures for the blog and meet a friend to catch up on life! Have a lovely day

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XO, Marilou 



MissSugarMills said...

Who tu as bien attaqué tes produits Bourjois :) Tu pense quoi de l'eau de teint ?

Marilou said...

J'ai adoré la gamme Happy Light!!!! :-) Il est vraiment différent de tous les fonds de teint que j'ai pu tester auparavant. La texture est hyper fluide (comme...de l'eau quoi) et le fini est léger et très mat. Je suis encore partagée sur mon avis....je suis en pleine période test :D

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