Sunday, August 16, 2015

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Fall wish list

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great week. Mine has flown by so quickly, I can't even get how sunday is about to be over soon. The weather has been rather poorly so I couldn't take any proper blog picture. Today I went to the movies to see The Little Prince and oh boy, It was so good! I cried, laughed and was absorbed by the story throughout the two hours! I read the book when I was younger and the movie definitely do it justice. Such a strong, beautiful story.

Now, I'm just here watching TV with a glass of wine while online shopping. Currently, I'm craving staple items. I feel like my wardrobe lacks some good staples for fall. My first staple items craving are dresses. I lack some serious dress game. I just have ordered this white victoriana dress - after seeing it on Laura - I just knew I HAD to have it too. It's a bit on the gaudi side but if you tone it down with a little leather jacket, it is really gorgeous. The other dress I really have my eyes on, is this gorgeous midi black & lace piece. How stunning?

Boots wise, I'm craving more and more black booties. I already got one pair from Zara last month, and now I feel like these would fit right in in my wardrobe. Black, classic and with a little edge- the silver buckle or the croc print.

Other items I really need to stock up on are stripped and white t-shirts - because that's all I seem to wear these days -  a black pair of jeans - this one is perfect because it has the girlfriend cut which gives it a more laid-back feeling -and I absolutely need a khaki hat for this fall. Then, in the makeup department I think I'm all set : I just need some more nude lip colors which is what I wear every single day. I have tried the red lips look, but I always come back to my nudes!

Last on the list, is my dream bag. This is the staple of all staples : Chanel double flap bag, caviar leather, medium size with silver hardware - haha I know exactly the one I want. I have started to save money to buy it before my 30th birthday (I have some time ahead). It's my new life goal basically, haha!

1. Hat: Zara (here) // 2. Stripped t-shirt: Zara (here) // 3. Bag: Chanel (here) //4. Croc booties: Nelly (here)
5. Victoriana Dress: Topshop (here) // 6. Girlfriend jeans: Topshop (here) // 7. Black dress: Topshop (here)
8. Buckle boots: Zara (here) // 9. Lipstick: Nars - Shade Barbara (here


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