Saturday, August 1, 2015

Weekend vibes

Hello everyone: YAY to me blogging. Where I have been all this time? WORK of course. I have started a new exciting job in the cosmetic industry in early july after a month of vacations. Today, it was the perfect day to start blogging again and take some blog pictures. I got this dress from H&M this week and I am obsessed with it : the thick material, the color, the length. It's the perfect midi dress. I literally had to bribe my boyfriend to take some pictures, he hates it but I'm super happy with the pictures although he is not mastering my camera THAT well yet, there is still a lot of blurry/ eyes closed snaps, haha! Today we went to Liège for a treat day of shopping, eating and just enjoying that weekend I have been waiting all week long. It's finally sunny over here so we just make sure we enjoy every seconds of it.. the rain is just around the corner. 

Tomorrow I'll try to go back into diet mode : no carbs at night and one hour of cardio every day. No more M&Ms, burgers and pizza.... until I get my next nervous food breakdown and pig out all the food in my frigde.

Dress: H&M (here) / Bag: Zara / Sunnies: Quay 


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Unknown said...

Hi Boo ! ça faisait longtemps =) Tu vois que tu as quand même fait une sortie ce weekend =p Bisou !

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