Sunday, August 30, 2015

The kimono black dress

I just have a thing with maxi dresses. They're so easy to dress up or down, you don't need to overthink your outfit 100 times and it's just really comfortable for those days where you don't feel like wearing a tight jeans with a crop top t-shirt  (you're basically free under there). I also love how effortlessly stylish than can look. This kimono dress all of this condensed in one :  is the most comfortable, effortless, easy to wear dress I own. I can definitely see myself wearing this with a leather jacket and heels for a more dressed up look or even with birkenstock on my way to the supermarket. Dress like this are a staple in any wardrobe. 

Also, I have to introduce you to my new bag! It's my first designer bag! I don't know why I had never got any designer bag before, I always thought Zara ones were nice enough for me but...this was before. Now that I own one, I can tell the difference is huge. It's pricy, obviously...but very very worth it in my opinion. The quality is amazing, there is no botchy part, everything is looking flawless and there is that overall designer look to it.  A Zara bag is only going to last you a while and tarnish after a few month but a real leather, designer bag is forever. I also think that a bag makes the whole outfit, so why not invest in the bag of your dreams? I work really hard so I feel like treating myself with this is totally justified...right? Haha. 

I have been wanting this Alexander Wang bag for a long time. The design is just perfect, it's edgy and classic at the same time. I had to get it on second hand because it's not a recent collection and it's out of stock everywhere.  If you consider buying a secondhand bag, I would suggest that you make some research on the website before buying. I would buy from net a porter with my eyes closed always have to be prudent with secondhand websites. After doing my research I have found that the two main websites that you can buy from are Trendlee and Therealreal (Kendall Jenner is selling some of her clothes on that website).  After a few months of wait and stalking those websites, I spotted that it was up for sale so I quickly ordered it. I had to pay extra import taxes but overall I would say that I still got a really deal as the bag is looking brand new.

Next I'm thinking of getting the Phillip Lim Pashli black in large, but I want it with silver hardware (I'm over my gold obsessesion) and of course...the Chanel double flap bag, medium size in caviar leather and silver hardware is my ultimate bag goal.

Happy sunday, I hope you have lots of fun things planned..or just being is a lazy mess is just as good! Now I'm off to enjoy the extremely nice weather and eat grilled corn with salmon and gambas... before it starts raining tomorrow :)

Dress: H&M // Bag: Alexander Wang  // Sunnies: Quay "On the prowl"(here)

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