Sunday, August 9, 2015

My favorite fuel breakfast

Oh hey there sunday! So good to see you again. I've had to best lazy weekend so far - those are definitely my faves! I can eat whatever I want, when I want it and where I want it. It's no big deal if I don't feel like eating until 1 PM as I just am busy cleaning, organizing or watching tv shows...but on weekdays It's a whole other story. I usually hate eating early breakfast, I'm more of a brunch kinda girl, but I have learned to change this bad habit of not eating in the morning then eating biscuits around 11AM at work because I'm feeling so down already. 

Now, I force myself to eat a good salty breakfast around 7AM everyday on work days. I have learned that fueling your body with a good breakfast is the most important thing. First thing first, I drink a lot of water right when I wake up then I go in the shower and then I'll go prepare my fuel breakfast. If I don't take a shower or eat breakfast, I just don't feel woken up EVER. I just don't get that "let's do this ish" energy. My favorite fuel breakfast has been smashed avocado on toasted bagels with loads of lemon juice, salt & pepper and sometimes I add smoked salmon or poached eggs!

It is so delicious, it fills you up until lunch time and really give you that work energy you need. I don't even understand how I was doing all these years going to uni not eating in the morning - ever! 

You can also eat some cheese if you feel like it - my favorite is cheddar! - but I always try to avoid peanut butter or nutella in the morning as it's just filled with so much sugars, I get very tired after two hours because the sugar rush is over.

Today I hate ate a bunch of M&Ms with my coffee for breakfast : just because #yolo it's sunday!

Let me know what is your favorite fuel breakfast? I would love to know!



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