Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rose de Vigne Eau Fraîche

Well, well, looks like summer weather is finally back, at least for the day. But that's ok I'll take it haha! 30° are announced so I'm in the mood for a white midi skirt, light makeup andt summer scents...I honestly was on the verge to wear some strong winter fragrance like Chanel Coco Noir at this point...crazy how rain can have an impact on your fashion/beauty regimen!

I got sent this Caudalie Rose de Vigne Eau Fraîche in early June and I was really surprised as I had no idea that Caudalie was in the fragrance biz. Rose de Vigne is the ultimate summer scent with strong zesty notes of bergamot and rose but also some musk - I am not scent expert but I always recognize musk in a perfume, go figure out how haha. 

I really like the fruity and floral mix of the scent but some for reasons this perfume just isn't for me. 
After spritzing it on myself many times, I just can't stand how it turns on me although I really like the original scent. I had the same issue with Chanel Eau Tendre : amazing perfume but it was definitely not rocking my boat. 

Anyways... it was a bad news for me but a really great news for my mom haha! She has been wearing it all summer long and absolutely loves it! I would definitely give this perfume a 'trial period' before buying it - just as every other perfumes- but it is definitely worth giving it a sniff if you're on the look for a new summer scent!

Have you ever tried it?



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