Sunday, August 2, 2015

Floral for fall

Floral for fall

The weather got me like : fall fashion mode ON. No but really, I think I have been so over this weather that I can't stop but dreaming about fall. Even though it seems like sunny days have come back where I live, I think my brain just turned off any summer vibe and just want to buy all the fall stuffs. I spend hours online looking for all the new fall collections - and then sh*t happens and I click "confirm order".

I can't even think about buying a bikini or little white crochet beach dress. The excitement of summer has just dropped like a failed soufflé. Onto my early fall wishlist now:

Just a little grey knits (2, 4) - here - , just because it's what you live in during fall.

I already bought this Kimono (1) - here - and it's the perfect day time little piece. You could easily dress it up with a statement necklace or a red lipstick and heels. I have been living in this and my girlfriend jeans (8) - here

The fall floral dress (3) - here - . Paired with a leather jacket and little boots... walking in the crisps leaves with a cup of Starbucks. I can't wait!

The black little plaited skirt (5) - here - which is my number 1 winter staple. It always look good with a leather  jacket or an oversize sweater and boots.

Talking about boots (6, 9), here's two of my favorite so far  - here - and - here -

And finally, my dream bag, still to this day is the Phillip Lim Pashli (7) - here - but I am waiting patiently in case they release it with nickel hardware, I'm over my 'gold' obsession so now I only want to wear silver!

I can't be the only one day dreaming about fall fashion already....or I am ? haha



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