Saturday, August 22, 2015

Event ⎜Yves Rocher

This week I went to a fun blogger night to discover all about the Yves Rocher makeup range.
I was so glad to get a little night of fun with some cool other bloggers, drinking cocktails, talking about makeup and eating a good ol' Bbq. It was so much fun, it was great way to take of my mind from work and all the daily stress.

I have to be honest, I don't know much about Yves Rocher makeup range. It's not the first brand I think about when I think about getting a new lipstick either. I used to love this brand when I was younger, I remember going there with my friends after school and getting many perfumes. It was the cool brand on the block. Nowadays obviously with the diversity of brands, the many online website delivering brands from all over the world.... Yves Rocher went out the window.

I was quite impress with their range, the packaging is not the most amazing but for the price I wouldn't expect more.  Overall, everything looks very nice, I was happily surprised! You can definitely feel that the brand is trying to rejuvenate itself : rose gold packaging, on trend products, reformulated formulas, collections, etc.

I haven't tried all the products I got from the goodie bag but I'll keep you posted once I do :)

Are you familiar with Yves Rocher makeup range? Did you also used to rave about their perfumes when you were 13 years old? haha


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Unknown said...

I need all of these - lovely!

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