Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Kylie Jenner lip syndrome

I have been faithful to my dear Mac - Myth lipstick for a solid 6 years now (well..that's a lot) but coming back from vacations, my tan skin just wasn't working with that really pale nude shade so I knew it was the perfect time to finally get that Kylie Jenner lip syndrome and try that 'dark nude' very 90's lip look. Although I'm far from having her prominent lips, it's crazy how a little lip liner can make your lips look a little fuller. No, I never used lip liner as a contouring lip thing. I just used it under a bright lipstick to define my lips and make the lipstick last longer. 

My first choice was the lip liner Subculture by Mac (as seen on The Persian Babe) then I quickly loved the result so much that I ended up going back to mac and picking Honeylove and Yash.

This weekend I went back to Mac with the purpose of finally getting those famous Kylie Jenner shades - Soar and Whirl - but it was out of stock worldwide due to that KJ syndrome.

I ended up getting Velvet Teddy, just because I couldn't cope with that emptiness feeling of leaving Mac empty handed.

Honeylove is the "palest" of them 'all. It's such a gorgeous shade, I can definitely see myself wearing it even this winter when I'll be less tan. It reminds me so much of Myth, just a tad darker!
Yash is much more brown-ish while Velvet Teddy has a little purple undertones - well, in my opinion...I am no expert, maybe it's actually not the case at all haha.

These 3 lipsticks are completely matte yet not too drying on the lips. I definitely remember now how much I love Mac lipsticks finishes - for the satin & matte range.

I am now on the hunt for Soar & Whirl,  although these shades are much, much more darker...I think I'm ready to go to that 'next level' of dark nude-ness.

That being said, I wish you all a very happy new week. Today is going to be hardcore work mode but then later I'll grabbing something to eat with my dad so I'm really excited, plans like these are making my day going by so much faster :)




Unknown said...

Ah tu as changé d'avis par rapport à cette Kylie ?! Toi qui trouvais ça hyper vulgaire, il y a quelques mois ... =p

Le crayon essence Satin Mauve a l'air super ! =)


Marilou said...

Elle est vulgaire avec ou sans son lip liner mon avis est toujours le même 😁😘 oui il est vraiment top je te le conseille xoxo

Unknown said...

Hahaha chou je te taquine =D

Unknown said...

Hahaha chou je te taquine =D

Unknown said...

Velvet Teddy is one of my all-time faves x

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