Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Best supermarket snacks

I am SUCH a supermarket rat. I just love going food shopping, look at the different options and new brands available in different shops. And I am always on the hunt for that new snack.  I usually shop at Waitrose for my regular groceries, I love Sainsbury's and Asda for the snacks and Free Form alley (the Asda in Clapham Junction is the best!)

Ok so best healthy-ish snacks at the moment : 

 Fibre One Lemon Drizzle or Cinammon Coffee Cakes : ugh these are so good. Not sure they are healthiest in terms of ingredients, but they're such good little sweet tooth craving treat for only 90 cal.Although can replace the taste of homemade brownies, these a good to pack for work if you don't have time to bake anything. Hippeas Take It  Cheesy : ok so now these are my top crisps EVER. I literally can go through a pack of these on my own in like 10 minutes. You can't understand unless you have tried them. Proper Corn Peanut Butter & Almond: Addictive. Not too sweet. Perfect balance of peanut butter & almond taste. Just divine. 4. ButterKist (or Kelkin) Sweet & Swalty Microwave Popcorn : I just love those because the little portions are perfect for cravings and also the fact that you get to eat warm pop corn - nothing can compare! 



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