Monday, January 21, 2019

What i wore : Aquarius season

Pile jacket / Ripped Jeans (similar) / Sunnies / Sneakers (similar, I am wearing Stan Smith) 

Happy Aquarius season ladies! Time to get unconventional, think outside the box, leave your crush on read, wear lots of glitter for no reason, detached from your emotions but allow yourself to feel them, start a new idealistic life mission of yours etc. Finally some air and lightness after this heavy Capricorn season. Phew.. 

Quirky Aquarius season, quirky picture with some sunlight beaming with my most basic - yet put together and comfy outfit. I am a Virgo after all ! I am OBSESSED with my pile jacket from H&aM. I wear it so much and for the price, the quality is impressive. (it was very cheap, haha).Also, these Zara jeans are from last year but I have linked a very similar pair from Topshop!You gotta love how a ripped jeans and a pair of sunnies takes your outfit from basic to basic AF.

 We have had the most sunny weather lately in London. No heavy rain in sight so far in 2019...It was a good reason to walk around West London and discover a bit more of this City.That's definitely on my to-do list for this year as although I am still a freshie in the UK, I end up hanging out mainly in my SW hood and always going to the same places. My family will be visiting later this year for a long weekend so I need to prep a list of things to do to make sure they have the best time over here. 



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