Friday, January 18, 2019

Fibre me up!

Afternoon cravings are the...absolute….worst, especially when you work in an office. I am trying to not restrain myself too much otherwise I end up obsessing over the chocolate covered pretzels I didn't eat and end up eating 20 then feeling like sh*t for the rest of the afternoon. Oh well..Snaccidents happen. I am by no mean a nutritionist but I have recently learned that by increasing your fibre intake, it will not only make you feel full longer but also help you lowering your net carbs intake. I am not on Keto diet (or any specific diet for that matter), as I am trying to eat intuitively - how obnoxious does that sound? haha, rolling my eyes as I am typing this -  but in general I just feel better when I am lowering my carbs intake. My stomach is flatter, I have more energy and just feel better overall. Because of my very big sweet tooth, this is very hard to monitor as carbs are pretty much everywhere! 

The first thing I like to do to curb my sugary snack craving is to make myself an iced coffee.  I always use nut milk, either almond or cashew (unsweetened!) and make it extra icy.  Guilty of using plastic straw only as I just can't deal with those paper ones that become soft in my drink. Ew. I should probably get a metal one ?! Recently, I also have been adding inuline - I am using one by SimplyGo -  to my latte (which is basically soluble fibre). Be careful with inuline as it is quite strong and not everyone will digest it the same. I personally only add ONE spoon max. now - I did 3 on my first days and majorly regretted it after, haha.

Now the actual eating part : I am always on the lookout for high fibre - low carbs snacks. One of my favourites lately have been either the Fibre One 90cal (the cinnamon one is to die for) or the Ape Coconut bites (highly, HIGHLY addictive, especially the original one). These snacks are perfect because 1. they are both under 120 cals and 2. are very low in net carbs (net carbs = carbs - fibre). Fibre One has 7g of sugar and Ape Coconut Bites only has 3,6g of sugar! I can see my health improving just by reading these numbers to be honest. Haha. I also like that you can portion control these as I have absolutely no will power whatsoever when it comes to "just put the bag down for next time". 

What are you favourites low carbs snacks ?? 



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